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Talking Tea

Conversations about tea and tea culture

Jan 29, 2015

This week Talking Tea talks matcha with Tyas Huybrechts, founder and blogger at Tea Talk, a blog devoted entirely to Japanese green teas. Matcha, a powdered green tea that's whisked into a frothy brew, is fast becoming the caffeinated drink of choice among many in the West, and Tyas tells us about matcha's history and cultural background in Japan, how it's grown and processed, and what to look for in buying quality matcha. 


Tyas is also a long-time student (and soon-to-be tea master) of the Enshu school of Japanese tea, and he shares some of his insights and personal perspectives about matcha in the Enshu tradition.


In our next episode, Part 2 of "Talkin' Matcha", Tyas gives us a detailed guide on how to prepare matcha at home. Stay tuned!


Tyas' blog, Tea Talk, is at, and is packed with information about Japanese green teas. You can also follow him on Twitter @TeaTalkBe and on Facebook at


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