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Talking Tea

Conversations about tea and tea culture

Mar 12, 2015

You might think we're having an identity crisis this week on Talking Tea, since our host and guest on this week's podcast share the same name. In this week's show our host and producer Ken Cohen chats with renowned qigong master and author Ken Cohen, who also writes and lectures extensively about the health benefits of tea. 

Ken shares his personal tea journey with us, talks about both the health benefits and the spiritual benefits of tea from the perspectives of Western science and traditional Chinese medicine, discusses how our connection with nature and poetry influences our enjoyment of tea, and explains how the intention, heart and spirit we bring to the preparation and drinking of tea change not only our experience of tea, but also our relationship with the world. 

This week's episode is a bit longer than our usual shows on Talking Tea, since Ken was willing to share so much of his knowledge and wisdom with us, and we didn't want you to miss out on any of it. So make yourself some tea, relax and enjoy The Qi of Tea.

And be sure to check back soon for details on our upcoming interactive Tea Poetry Project. 


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Talking Tea is produced and hosted by Ken Cohen. You can follow Ken on Twitter @Kensvoiceken. 


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