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Talking Tea

Conversations about tea and tea culture

Oct 11, 2018

Today on Talking Tea we're doing something a little different from our usual format. A few weeks back we were invited by the folks at Tea Dealers and the 29b Tea House (featured in our prior episode Ambassadors of Tea) to join them in conversation at an evening of tea and alcohol experiments they were planning and record the event for Talking Tea. We did just that, and we're pleased to bring you the event as a Talking Tea episode.

We join Andreas Vagelatos and Graham Pirtle of Tea Dealers, Jesse Ferguson of Interboro Spirits & Ales and a crowd of about 30 guests at New York's Hotel on Rivington for this evening exploring new approaches to tea and mixology.  Graham, along with Stefen Ramirez of Tea Dealers, had come up with three innovative cocktails for this event, and Graham chats with us about their unique approach to tea in mixology, borrowing pairing ideas from the culinary world, and the challenges of leveraging the flavors and textures of the teas and the other ingredients in the drinks. We also chat with Graham about the long history of tea in cocktails and its current revival.

The cocktails used three teas - matcha, hojicha and rou gui - and as Andreas guides us through the tastings he talks with us about each of these teas and their use in the cocktails, the philosophy behind 29b's tea cocktail programs and the similarities between the nomenclature, flavors and other sensory experiences in tea, wine and spirits. Jesse chats with us throughout the evening about Interboro's spirits and how they interact with the other ingredients of the cocktails, and we discuss the overall flavor profiles and sensations resulting from the pairings and the various flavor components in each of the drinks. Andreas and Graham point out how the flavors and aromas of tea, spirits and mixed drinks can sometimes be nostalgic, and how Tea Dealers crafted these cocktails not only to bring out excellent results in flavor, aroma and sensation, but also to highlight some of the nostalgic and evocative qualities of the teas and the spirits. The episode also includes comments and questions from the guests at the event.


More info on Interboro is at its website and at its Instagram feed.

Info on Tea Dealers and 29b is at and Instagram feed.

For info on the Hotel on Rivington, visit


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