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Talking Tea

Conversations about tea and tea culture

Aug 28, 2015

We’re back in Montreal this week on Talking Tea chatting with Kevin Gascoyne of Montreal’s famed Camellia Sinensis Tea House.

Kevin, a co-owner of Camellia Sinensis, is known around the world as a prominent tea taster, educator and author. We talk with Kevin about his passion for Darjeeling teas, how classically grown Darjeelings compare with newer clonal teas, and current trends in tea processing. Kevin also discusses fair trade and labor conditions at tea gardens in India and elsewhere, and shares his perspectives on the future of tea’s popularity and growth, both in North America and worldwide. And, as an added bonus, we chat with Kevin about Camellia Sinensis’ groundbreaking studies on caffeine and anti-oxidants in tea.


More info on Camellia Sinensis, including its online store, shop hours, blog and upcoming seminars and events, can be found on its website,, and also on its Facebook page and Twitter feed.


Among Kevin Gascoyne’s many publications are two acclaimed books he co-authored with his partners at Camellia Sinensis: Tea: History, Terroirs, Varieties (the original French version is Thé: Histoire, Terroirs, Saveurs) and Green Tea: A Quest For Fresh Leaf and Timeclass Craft (in French Thé Vert: A La Rencontre D’Un Art Millénaire). Both are available on the Camellia Sinensis website.



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Photo courtesy of Camellia Sinensis Tea House.

Ken Cohen
eight and a half years ago

Thanks, Isabelle! So glad you enjoyed the podcast!

Isabelle Meunier
almost nine years ago

Fantastic interview Ken !

Ken Cohen
almost nine years ago

Thanks, Christine, for your comment. I'm hoping other tea-producing nations will start to pick up India's policies. I would think Taiwan and Japan might be candidates, but not sure what the labor standards are in either nation. Maybe a topic for another episode...

almost nine years ago

Great episode! Loved the content (very interesting about why India is an easier place to source fair trade tea) and the sound quality was good. Thanks!